Web Maintenance

If you own a website then you're probably familiar with the collection of tasks required to keep the site secure and up to date. Over time most clients plan on changing and tweaking different parts of the site's layout, content or graphics to see how they perform with the site's visitors. Monthly web maintenance plans ensure that not only the basic tasks of keeping the site operational are completed but also that the site's message can continually be honed to become more effective.

Why you need a website maintenance plan...

Server Software

Website hosting requires implementing security patches and software updates regularly

Website Software

Website Software requires implementing security patches and software updates regularly

Weekly Backups

Weekly filesystem and database backups make sure we always have a recent copy of your site

Browser Compatibility

Testing to ensure your site continues to render gracefully on new browser versions.

Traffic Analysis

Analyze site traffic benchmarks to improve the performance of key pages


Improve content, branding, graphics, images, hone your sales pitch, own your message

the responsibility of executing these tasks belongs to us

you're free to perform other important functions of your business

Good maintenance practices keep you safe from "hacking"

  • Maintenance plans keep your site secure...
    because software updates and patches are immediately applied
    • most hackers scan the web for websites with out of date software
    • out of date software has known security flaws that can easily be exploited
  • Maintenance plans keep your site secure...
    because you have weekly site file system and database backups
    • you probably won't be hacked if your software is up to date
    • but if you were we have a recent backup which we can use to revert back to a previous state
  • Maintenance plans keep your site secure...
    because you have skilled staff to help you
    • we're knowledgeable, experienced and have handled pretty much any situation that could arise
    • we can provide the stability that growing businesses need

Additional reasons to consider Decentral Digital

We're fast

We're fast

We are available to you via email, phone or support ticket. We are committed to a two business day turnaround on any task two hours or less; we usually get those tasks done same day.

We're Friendly

We're Friendly

We are nice people that are easy to talk to. You also have access to a wealth of talent across all the roles of the technology stack. If an issue arises that requires we pull in additional resources, we can.
We're Accountable

We're Accountable

Your time is extremely valuable. By providing built-in development hours, support ticketing system and time tracking make Decentral Digital highly accountable for your investment.

Here's a look at our plans

These are to give you an idea of the types of plans we offer. We realize that all businesses are different. We work with you to determine what's most important for your situation and then custom design a plan around that.






Linux Server Software Updates / Security Patches      
CPanel Software Updates / Security Patches      
Apache Software Updates / Security Patches      
PHP Software Updates / Security Patches      
MySQL Software Updates / Security Patches      
Joomla Software Updates / Security Patches      
Wordpress Software Updates / Security Patches      
Drupal Software Updates / Security Patches      
Third Party Extension Software Updates / Security Patches      
Google Analytics tracking reports    
We post to your Blog, Social Media    
Basic Adwords campaigns for paid Google traffic.    
Basic BingAds campaigns for paid Bing traffic.    
SEO to help your search engine rankings.    
Link building campaigns linking to your site.  
Social Media with sponsored, targeted posts.  
Elite Adwords campaigns for paid Google traffic.  
Elite BingAds campaigns for paid Bing traffic.  

What our clients are saying...

  • Exceptional

    Working with Decentral Digital has completely transformed my online brand. Now most of our leads come from our website...

  • Insightful

    Mike at Decentral Digital is knowledgeable, experienced and easy to work with. We are very pleased with our website.

  • Helpful

    Mike at Decentral Digital is professional, attentive and it always seemed like he cared about my business...

  • A Force

    My only regret was that I didn't find Decentral Digital sooner. The work and level of service has been fantastic...

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