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More ways to spend your money? Not necessarily. I've learned over the years that many are eager to invest in their businesses but just aren't aware of the choices. What are the areas that could be improved in their web presence?

Most website builds will provide you a well rounded set of functionality but at a basic level. It requires focusing on a specific aspect of your site, whether it be usability for logged in users, eye popping graphics, custom google analytics web user tracking or even something else. Let's take a look at some of the ways we can boost your web presence to the next level. 

1. Install new functionality to your website

Joomla, the software which runs your website, is a flexible website application that is easily extendable. There is a whole store of applications ( that can be downloaded and installed on your site. Everything from e-commerce stores, subscription systems, payment plans, donation software, advertising software, calendars, event booking software, blogging software, basic social media site software, even search engine optimization extensions are available for download. You can take these downloaded files and upload them into your Joomla website and your site will suddenly have added a whole new functionality. You can build out major new features on your site while minimizing the amount of time spent on custom coding. We have many customers who will use some of this ready-made software on their site and have us modify it to fit their needs. This enables us to find advanced web solutions at an affordable price.

2. Improve your website tracking

Did you know that the vast majority of websites may have Google Analytics installed but are still failing to track visitor data in a way that matters? Most websites install the tracking code and track the basics, what pages are visited, time on spent on the site, etc... but few sites take the time to actually identify the goals that webmasters would like users to complete and then implement tracking that measures those goals specifically.


Goals are setup to track visitor events which are not tracked automatically by Google Analytics.

  • Template goals
  • Custom goals
  • Create ‘funnels for goals’

Custom Alerts

A basic set of custom alerts should be established to identify significant changes in analytics data.

  • 10% weekly increase/decrease in visits
  • 10% weekly increase/decrease in conversion rate and/or value for each goal
  • 10% weekly increase/decrease in Ecommerce revenue

Ecommerce Tracking

This type of tracking is specifically for Ecommerce sites (online stores) to track and match customer spending with on-site behavior.

  • Measure the number of transactions and revenue that your website generates and how this connects with the other Analytics data
  • Add JavaScript to your site that sends Google Analytics the transaction and product data

Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking

A typical enhanced ecommerce implementation will measure product impressions, and any of the following actions:

  • Clicks on a product link
  • Viewing product details
  • Impressions and clicks of internal promotions
  • Adding / removing a product from a shopping cart
  • Initiating the checkout process for a product
  • Purchases and refunds
  • Add JavaScript to your site that sends Google Analytics the impression, product, promotion and action data

3. Building out some new pages on the website

Maybe there's some information you've realized that you need added to the website. Maybe you've got some great content that intricately deals with the finer details of your discipline. Many business owners have great information relating to their businesses stored away on their computer, or on a piece of paper somewhere. Stuff that could really be a great sales tool if added to the website.

4. Code that custom web application

Have an idea for your website that you've never seen done on another website? You could have seen a cool feature from another website that you'd like to emulate on your website. We can help can guide you through the process of building custom software. From planning, design, implementation, testing, and then deployment to your live website.

5. Making customizations

Surely there's one thing on your website you'd like to change. Maybe you'd like something to run smoother, faster. There's a process you've clicked through that seems clunky. Let's discuss how we can provide a solution.

7. Sourcing new images

If you've had the same website for many years, it may be time to brighten up the look of the site by changing out some of the images. Doing this is a relatively cheap and easy way to add some freshness to the design.

Joomla 3.9 Beta 4 released for testing

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