Call for a Team Leader & Assistant Team Leader - Joomla! User Experience Team

Call for a Team Leader & Assistant Team Leader - Joomla! User Experience Team

Details Published: 04 May 2017
Joomla! User Experience Team

The Joomla! User Experience Team is looking for Joomla! Users with leadership and UX skills to lead and co-lead the team.

The purpose of the JUX is to improve the usability of The Joomla! Project through extensive research and user testing, and to make recommendations to the relevant teams based on findings. The UX team works closely with Joomla! Developers to shape the evolution (design and development) of the Joomla! CMS and the properties.

The goal of the team is to create an intuitive experience for our users. The UX Team is committed to improving the usability of the Joomla! Platform (admin interface, the default templates and the websites).

Team Leader Mission

Lead the UX team and manage the team members Coordinate and delegate the responsibilities of the JUX Oversee the day-to-day functions of the JUX Focus on motivating the JUX and maintain a comfortable and productive team environment This role is primarily administrative in nature. Due to the large number of projects and volunteers that JUX is overseeing, a time commitment of 10 hours per week is possible.

Assistant Team Leader Mission

Assist the leader in their mission Replace the leader in their mission during their absence Serve as a liaison with other teams to facilitate communication between sub-projects, the JUX team and the team leader.

Ideal profile and qualifications for both roles

Are able to lead and delegate work to the teams Can commit time to the project consistently (10 -15 hours per week for the team leader and 5-10 hours per week for the assistant leader) and have a flexible schedule Must understand basic UX and processes; however, the work will not be UX in nature; instead it will be more administrative Possess excellent organisation, communication, leadership and collaborative skills Are comfortable delegating to others Have high standards of quality with strong attention to detail Have a flexible, friendly approach and a team oriented attitude Are creative, conceptual and forward thinking Are proactive, self-starting and motivated Are empathetic, supportive and compassionate Are a Joomla! User and have knowledge in UX Are willing to travel for sprints and other Joomla! dev meetups.

If you would like to apply to these important roles, please fill out the JUX Team Application before May 30th, 2017.

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